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Wishlist Capital Advisors is a privately-funded enterprise set up in late 2008 by professionals. Its rationale is simple: Help individuals, SMEs and institutions meet their saving, investment, risk management and wealth creation goals. In our effort to meet our target, we have created three distinct work-areas:

  • Research
  • Content
  • Execution

In 2009, the company diversified into a vastly different but emerging arena – education. Wishlist Education Services has ventured into training, through its own play school and activity unit.

The latter, branded “Purple Petals” (www.purplepetals.in) is set to widen its domain. Simultaneously, we have started offering abacus-based learning programmes to young school-goers (www.abacuskolkata.com).

In India, financial education is evolving like never before. Wishlist Capital plans to make a difference in this regard. In 2010, we introduced specific research and content generation services for financial intermediaries, including planners and distributors of financial products.