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The May-June 2017 Issue

As you will readily agree – no doubt – that correct financial planning is the key to wealth. The operative word, of course, is “correct”. What is correct today, may not be so tomorrow.

What is perceived to be apt, exact and precise, will surely change in terms of belief and trust. In the world of financial planning, correct comes with an expiry date.

The steps towards correctness can, however, be expressed with little controversy or doubt. We will, in this edition of our newsletter, tell the investor – you, in this case – the basics of financial planning.

The how, what and when of it have been discussed elsewhere, and there is no reason why we should repeat it at this juncture. But, give us a minute of your time and go through the following paragraphs.

Now, wherever you go, in whatever state of financial health you may be, remember these tenets:

Step 1: Establish your financial goals early – do this by knowing your risk-profile
Step 2: Collect data around you – your bank balance, your current income, your liabilities                  (all expressed in quantifiable monetary terms – approximations can be deemed                      temporary only)
Step 3: Develop your plan by assessing your data and analyzing all the critical aspects of                    the information you have collected in Step #2
Step 4: Implement your plan – in other words, follow the asset-allocation mix you have                      arrived at and do the investments
Step 5: Monitor, monitor, monitor – re-balance as and when needed

Which step is more important? All steps are crucial, we say. Start early with Step 1, and keep at it till you reach the end in a fair, honest, lawful and logical manner.

Financial planning – we hope we don’t sound like a guru here – is rooted in self-awareness. Know your financial destination, follow your objectives, achieve your goals in simple, unfussy (and well-documented in digital terms) ways.

If you are not a DIY investor, reach out to a professional and experienced team of people who have dealt with investors, big and small, rich and not-so-rich. Wishlist Capital can help you create, sustain and monitor your objectives.

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Disclaimer: All information provided in this newsletter is obtained independently from sources that are considered reliable and authentic. Wishlist Capital, its associates, stakeholders and partners, will not be liable in any way for inaccuracies or errors that may have been included inadvertently. Investment decisions, taken now or later on the basis of this newsletter, are entirely your own.