• Investment Content

      Wishlist is a new-age investment research and content creation outfit, specializing in financial services-related content. We provide end-to-end solutions

    • Wealth Advisory

      Wishlist offers wealth advisory services to clients, especially individuals, who intend to create and preserve wealth over a period of time.

    • Financial Planning

      Wishlist unreservedly supports the cause of financial planning, a movement that is set to change the manner in which Indians save and invest

    • Retirement Solutions

      Wishlist offers solutions just for your specific needs – for that phase of your life when you are no longer working actively but still have to meet plenty of regular expenses

Welcome to Wishlist Capital

Wishlist Capital Advisors is an investment content, wealth advisory and financial planning company.

We are a closely-held and privately-funded venture, set up in late 2008 by professionals.

The exciting world of investment (marked often by extreme volatility, aggressive investment strategies, arrival of new-age products and much more) is dominated by the three “I’s”: the investor, the intermediary and the issuer.

Here, in this world, we cater to fund management companies, securities brokers, wealth managers, investment bankers, financial planners and distributors of savings and investment products.

At Wishlist Capital, we help you re-work your content, research and planning strategies, enabling you to overthrow the tyranny of the status quo.

Our catchline says it all. We do convert knowledge to create content, as indeed we convert content to create wealth.

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Introduction of special content generation services for financial planners and distributors of financial products.

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In India, financial education is changing like never before. Conventional players are changing tack, welcoming trained personnel into their folds. Wishlist Capital can make a difference in this regard. Contact us to know about our training initiatives.

Contact us: info@wishlistcapital.com

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